Just code. No Bullshit

Kodkodkod is a Prestashop development studio imagined and created by developers.

At a time of democratization of telework, we are connected from France, South Korea, or even Vietnam, and have been able to make time differences a secret weapon for the productivity of our customers.

Our values: simplicity, high standards, benevolence, trust, fairness, humility..

Here, we do not promise you the moon. Our job is (just) to produce code. And we do it well.

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With Kodkodkod we did not want to create yet another agency with all the problems that we can encounter: lack of flexibility, lack of responsiveness, ignored customer service, cascading subcontracting which deteriorates the quality of deliveries... Kodkodkod formed in the studio. Magento developers united with all the strengths of a group and the qualities of a freelancer.

Kodkodkod is about speed, requirement and excellence, a customer who is a priority with a direct relationship and a code produced by studio developers, who have been tested and validated for the quality of their code .

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Our expertise

Creation and redesign of e-commerce with Prestashop

Building or redesigning fast and powerful E-Commerce sites is our core business. We know and master all the solutions that aim to make an e-commerce site a sales machine quickly and over time, even for rapid growth.

Prestashop support and maintenance

After the production of an e-commerce site, we know that the bulk of the work remains to be done for you and that is why you must count on a reliable site capable of evolving quickly. We make sure to stay by your side and take care of the proper functioning of your site.

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Our projects.

By our code experts

Without Kodkodkod Studio

  • Not close to you
  • Lack of responsiveness to your requests
  • Poor quality code
  • Little involvement

With Kodkodkod Studio

  • The agility of a freelancer with the strength of a group
  • Availability of the studio 20h/24h
  • A selection of the best coders around the world
  • We understand your challenges as if they were ours

Tell us about your Prestashop project

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