Kodkodkod, the development studio that keeps its promises.
Just code.
No bullshit.
<p>Kodkodkod is a development studio created by developers with the ambition to code the world of tomorrow.</p>

<p>The entire team tackles each project with the energy and care it deserves so you can grow your business.</p>

<p>Here, we do not promise you the moon. Our job is to produce code. <b>And we do it well.</b></p>
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3 countries
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« Beyond code, we build relationships. »
Our goal is not just to provide the product you need.
We seek to translate your needs and create the best solution for your project.
To achieve this, we establish a relationship of trust with you, which allows us to get these results.
Our customers recommend us.
Juliette. A
I called on Kodkodkod to build a tailor-made business ERP using Symfony.

During this collaboration, I was able to appreciate the flexibility and the overall understanding of the need, the simple and easy relationships.

I recommend Kodkodkod!
Simon. A
My collaboration focused on the optimization of fairly complex PHP code.

I am totally satisfied with the efficiency of the developer who carried out his mission.

You can trust them with your project with your eyes closed.
We had the pleasure of collaborating with the Kodkodkod studio.

He accompanied us during the technical development of our company.

The developers have exchanged with us, they are rigorous and share their know-how.
Alexandre. J
The studio accompanied us on the improvement of one of the modules of our application.

The developer did a great job and was very professional from start to finish.

We are already working with KodKodKod on other projects.
Antoine B.
The Kodkodkod studio demonstrates great professionalism, we highly recommend it.

The developer was able to integrate into a project with little context and move forward with pedagogy.

The quality of the development delivered fully meets our expectations. Thanks!
Andrea. G
Maxime, the developer, is attentive and very responsive.

He goes to the end of things by showing great flexibility, which allows him to finalize the tasks in detail.

He understands the technical constraints. It is a real partnership and not a simple client/supplier relationship.
The projects we have done for them
Auto-evaluation HR skill test
Development & Website
Teleconsultation Platform Maintenance Symfony
Magento 1 & 2 Development
Matching platform developed in React
How is a
project with Kodkodkod ?
Step 1
Identify needs and evaluate the project
Once we receive your responses to the form, we assemble our team to estimate project costs.

🏅 The goal : Send a detailed quote within the next 24 hours
Step 2
Validate the project together
Clarity and transparency are necessary to give you all the keys to understanding the project.

It's time to define the specifications!

🏅 The goal : validate the project as a whole for a successful execution!
Step 3
Assembling the team in charge of the project
The GO has gone in-house! After a meeting with the devs, we form the team that will take care of your project.

A developer will be designated to be the point of contact between you and the team.

📈 The benefit : Total involvement of the technical team. Your goals become theirs!
Step 4
Weekly one-on-one
Feedback meetings will be defined throughout the project.

During this one-on-one, it's time to review all the successes, challenges and define the next steps.

📈 The benefit : A custom follow-up with complete transparency.
Step 5
Delivery of the project
This is it, the project is finalized and the whole team is proud to deliver the project to you.

After several months of discussions and collaboration, it's time to grow your business with your new product!

✅ The asset : A detailed handover with maintenance to accompany you after delivery.
The revolution of a web development studio
We launched Kodkodkod after our own experiences with the aim of changing things and giving more flexibility and clarity in development projects.
Agencies or collectives
Kodkodkod Studio
How long do you take to launch a project?
Once we have all the necessary elements to launch the project, we start within seven days. While the developers are setting up the project, we organize a series of three kickoffs in parallel to get the project off the ground
If my site has a problem, how quickly can you provide support?
As part of a maintenance package for your site, we contractually undertake, in the event of a bug, to respond to you within 24 hours and to initiate corrective action within 48 hours in order to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. Responsiveness is part of our mission
Can you help us write a specification?
Absolutely, we can organize workshop sessions to assist you in drafting specifications. We will talk about: project mindset, functionalities, workflow, and UX/UI.
How will we work together to monitor the project?
We organize the follow-up of your project in three main stages: before project, during project, and after project. At each major stage, we have a precise kickoff calendar and follow-up appointments that we will set up together so you can experience the progress of your project at the same time as us. Another point that is important: you join us in a Slack channel dedicated to your project to communicate constantly
How do you work for regular needs? Do you have packages?
We offer “maintenance packages”, different packages granting you a number of hours of development to consume over the month. From 5h to 50h, we study your needs and adapt the package accordingly. You can ask us for technical interventions throughout the month. These are deducted from your plan, which is automatically refilled at the beginning of the following month.

A project?

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