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Our team of developers and AI engineers supports you in creating ML models and integrating AI into your business tools.

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From day one, we provide AI strategy, Proof of Concept assistance, and consulting services to support your project. Let's shape the future together with AI.

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AI Workshops

We provide AI workshops to detect and understand where AI can impact your business processes the most. Let's optimize together.

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We develop LLMs in-house, leveraging your data. Let's craft customized solutions to enhance your operations and address your specific needs effectively.

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Use Case Workshop

Kodkodkod helps you discover the best AI use cases to improve your performance, productivity, and efficiency in your services...

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We seamlessly integrate and deploy AI solutions into your current systems and platforms. Let's optimize your operations with cutting-edge technology.

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Examples of
integration cases

At Kodkodkod, we have a sense of the concrete. AI in theory is not enough. That's why we work with you on AI applications in everyday life. Here are some examples implemented with our clients.

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How Kodkodkod Integrates Artificial Intelligence into Your Business?

Before implementing AI solutions, it's necessary to analyze your data to assess the viability of the digital project and the opportunities offered by AI. The next phase will involve identifying solutions available on the market, whether open-source or licensed, to achieve your goals.

Next, it will be essential to process the data by harmonizing and labeling it to build a solid foundation for optimal AI learning.

Our AI engineers develop models for a variety of domains, including machine learning and deep learning, with applications in prediction, segmentation, and more. These models are useful in several sectors such as industry, healthcare, and commerce. After presenting our proof of concept (POC) and determining how to evaluate ROI, Kodkodkod proceeds to integrate AI algorithms into information systems or cloud infrastructures.

Since AI is in a perpetual cycle of improvement, we follow the results obtained with you and adjust accordingly.

We accompany you even after the final project delivery. We are committed to long-term collaborations, which is why we support you for several weeks/months after AI validation.

AI is a scientific field that uses advanced mathematical techniques like machine learning and deep learning to perform complex tasks, often better than a human (especially when it comes to repetitive or meticulous tasks). Unlike traditional software, AI systems autonomously learn from examples and can adjust to effectively process and analyze new data. AI is therefore the future of many sectors, professions, and processes that it will augment rather than replace.

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