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Finally, an expert team capable of developing   your DApps

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Happy Clients

The entire team tackles each project with the energy and care it deserves so you can grow your business.

Here, we do not promise you the moon. Our job is to produce code and we do it well.

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The revolution of a web development studio
We launched Kodkodkod after our own experiences with the aim of changing things and giving more flexibility and clarity in development projects.
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Various types of projects
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Kodkodkod Studio
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Your Project Is In Good Hands
Kodkodkod: know-how for decentralized applications
The development of decentralized applications on Blockchain (DApps) represents a major challenge ahead for companies, with a new way of understanding their model using Blockchain technology. In addition to this deep understanding and meticulous understanding of the operation of the Blockchain, the specific skills of a developer are required to take charge of this type of project.They must be trained in specific tools and programming languages such as mastery of Solidity, to successfully create a decentralized application in complete security and in compliance with the standards established in this field. Kodkodkod has the resources and solid skills to carry out each DApp creation project, in such a way as to provide its customers with considerable advantages for their business. Indeed, as indicated above, a DApp is an application as we know it in the everyday world, but whose hosting is carried out in a decentralized way on the Blockchain. Its operation being autonomous thanks to a series of Smart Contracts which each have their function and usefulness within the digital project, your Kodkodkod studio knows how to program smart contracts, create the associated tokens necessary for the proper functioning of any DApp.

In short, Kodkodkod brings together a panel of specialized and experienced developers, with unique technical know-how, allowing them to exploit the technological potential of the Blockchain and create innovative decentralized applications. By investing in the digital future of DApps with the help of Kodkodkod, you contribute to offering technological solutions that meet the constant needs of companies and users. DApps being the future of the decentralized web, what are you waiting for to exploit their interactive potential ?
Present in
3 countries
Finished project
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Developers at
your disposal
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Present in
3 countries
Finished project
with success
Developers at
your disposal
If you are looking for experts to develop
Your DApps , we are here.
We’ve mastered several blockchains and we’ll help you make your choice.
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Ethereum (ETH)
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Polygon (MATIC)
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Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
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What is a DApp?

In digital language, a DApp is a decentralized application, that is, an application that works independently, without the help of a server centralized, thanks to a system in which the digital flow is distributed between several interconnected networks. The majority of DApps operate on the Ethereum blockchain; their creation requires meticulous know-how on the part of the developers who manipulate these decentralized applications thanks to smart contracts, with the idea of managing the distribution of data as well as user interactions across the network, so developers use various digital programming languages to edit the code of DApps (including Solidity or Vyper for example). Note that besides the popularity of Ethereum, there are other Blockchains that support DApps like BSC, EOS or Cardano.
DApps are often associated with the world of crypto because they too can be exploited to provide digital products and services. When creating a DApp, professionals must take care to protect users against any risk of cyberattack, making security a crucial element in the storage of data on the decentralized network.Decentralized applications (DApps) provide an infinite potential of services without having to use of centralized servers, which offers more freedom and privacy to Internet users, while reducing the financial costs of investors. DApps are considered to be the future of applications on the web of the 21st century.
3 reasons
to invest in the development of DApps on the Blockchain
number 1
Investing in the development of a decentralized application based on Blockchain technology has several advantages for enthusiasts and investors rooted in the digital world.
number 2
On the one hand, Blockchain technology provides an environment in which it is possible to develop and deploy decentralized applications in complete security. Using of a smart contract, the developer ensures that each transaction is transparent and unalterable, guaranteeing a considerable reduction in the risk of hacking or fraud on the web.
number 3
Investing in this type of digital project is an easily accessible opportunity to meet the needs of users around the world. Indeed, decentralized applications on Blockchain are an opportunity to connect and interact with people around the world in a seamless and simplistic way, without requiring the help of a third party. Moreover, using digital currencies ( Ether, Bitcoin, etc.), each user can make a transaction quickly and cheaply.
Web3 has no more secrets for us
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NFT marketplace specialized in cinematographic art
laptop image project expopolis
Secure and immutable data storage on the blockchain
laptop image project teambudd
3D game with NFT trading cards
laptop image project warriorverse
Cross-platform play in a metaverse with NFTs
laptop image project kapp
Matching platform using the blockchain for financing certificates
They talked about us
How long do you take to launch a project?
Once we have all the necessary elements to launch the project, we start within seven days. While the developers are setting up the project, we organize a series of three kickoffs in parallel to get the project off the ground
If my site has a problem, how quickly can you provide support?
As part of a maintenance package for your site, we contractually undertake, in the event of a bug, to respond to you within 24 hours and to initiate corrective action within 48 hours in order to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. Responsiveness is part of our mission
Can you help us write a specification?
Absolutely, we can organize workshop sessions to assist you in drafting specifications. We will talk about: project mindset, functionalities, workflow, and UX/UI.
How will we work together to monitor the project?
We organize the follow-up of your project in three main stages: before project, during project, and after project. At each major stage, we have a precise kickoff calendar and follow-up appointments that we will set up together so you can experience the progress of your project at the same time as us. Another point that is important: you join us in a Slack channel dedicated to your project to communicate constantly
How do you work for regular needs? Do you have packages?
We offer “maintenance packages”, different packages granting you a number of hours of development to consume over the month. From 5h to 50h, we study your needs and adapt the package accordingly. You can ask us for technical interventions throughout the month. These are deducted from your plan, which is automatically refilled at the beginning of the following month.
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