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All your guarantees in a single one wallet !
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The certificates and guarantees of your customers, managed & secured by the blockchain

Your customers no longer need to worry about retrieving and storing their purchase documents, the blockchain does it for them. Whether it's warranties or certificates of authenticity following a purchase at home, they are generated, stored and sent via a secure wallet, requiring only a simple email connection for your customers.

Easy Document Storage
Rapid availability of documents
Automation sending
100% secure system
Ecological system
Blockchain custody
Blockchain custody
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Paper Storage
Paper Storage
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How does it work for
your client?

He makes his purchase online
He makes his purchase online
Before paying, your customer chooses whether he prefers his guarantee by email or on his KodWallet. If he already has a wallet, he can indicate the address to which to send the guarantee
🎯 Objective :  
Let your client choose
Your client receives their guarantee
Your client receives their guarantee
Your client receives an email with a link to his new wallet where he will find his guarantee
🔥 The big plus : 
The connection to KodWallet is done via a simple email
Reusing the KodWallet
Reusing the KodWallet
Your client can reuse his KodWallet with all our partner sites and thus store all his warranties and certificates there
✌️The profit : 
No more document loss, one secure storage place for life
How does it work for
for you?
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Plug-in installation
The Kodkodkod team helps you install and configure the plugin
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Automated sending of guarantees
Now you don't have to do anything. Warranties and certificates are automatically sent to customers
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Just code
No bullshit

The entire team tackles each project with the energy and care it deserves so you can grow your business.

Here, we do not promise you the moon. Our job is to produce code.. And we do it well.

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cups of coffee turned into lines of code
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Hodora SAS - Kodkodkod Studio
99 Wall Street #4404 New York, NY 10005
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328 rue du Doyen Georges Chapas
69009 Lyon
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Fourth Floor, 4-8 Ludgate Circus, London, EC4M 7LF
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