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Finally, an expert team capable of developing   your Metaverse

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Happy Clients

The entire team tackles each project with the energy and care it deserves so you can grow your business.

Here, we do not promise you the moon. Our job is to produce code and we do it well.

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The revolution of a web development studio
We launched Kodkodkod after our own experiences with the aim of changing things and giving more flexibility and clarity in development projects.
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Kodkodkod Studio
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Your Project Is In Good Hands
Why use Kodkodkod for your digital project?
Kodkodkod accompanies you on all the technical and graphic part of the creation of your Metavers. Whether you want to create an art gallery to display your NFTs or a training room to bring your teams together worldwide, our KodKodKod development studio offers a wide range of services to meet your professional expectations. Kodkodkod can even create your city, design job dating, or an administration to facilitate access to your services and your agents .

Indeed, at Kodkodkod, we specialize in the development of new technologies, and we offer a Metaverse creation service in which Internet users can interact in real time with the people or subjects of their choice. By Through rigorous design and programming techniques, Kodkodkod creates a quality virtual world within a reliable and secure digital environment. Determined to satisfy its customers, our company is renowned for its commitment to digital innovation and seeks to perfect its know-how through new avant-garde and qualitative approaches.

Kodkodkod's primary idea is to participate in the development of many environments from the Metaverse, to allow each user to fully flourish in a virtual world. Thanks to meticulous modeling techniques and graphics high in quality, Kodkodkod has become an expert in the immersive universe. To these technical skills are added our professional qualities, both in the relevance of our collaboration with our customers, in our methods of carrying out the project or the respect of deadlines. At each stage, our company applies rigorous methods that follow a precise professional plan: planning, design, programming, carrying out tests and producing the project.

To conclude, Kodkodkod is included in a process of creation and development of the Metaverse which ensures quality and security during each digital project. The different virtual worlds respect a strict charter in terms of computer security, protecting users from all forms of threats on the web while allowing them an exemplary user experience.
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Present in
3 countries
Finished project
with success
Developers at
your disposal
If you are looking for experts to develop
Your Metaverse , we are here.
We’ve mastered several blockchains and we’ll help you make your choice.
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What is the Metaverse?

This word that seems barbaric at first glance is nothing but a concept of a 3D virtual world that offers users a unique experience to create their personal avatars and dive into within a parallel universe. Indeed, the word 'Metaverse' is composed of the English link 'meta' and 'universe', having given rise to the term 'Metaverse' in France. The words Metaverse are therefore used as much as Metavers for describe this virtual real-time 3D space simulation technology. In this virtual space, we find online games, applications, social networks that have developed to the point that companies specializing in digital have appropriated this concept engaging and immersive. The Metaverse helps establish a new boundary between the real and the fictional, and offers developers the possibility of imagining a virtual environment designed using cutting-edge digital technology.

Within the Metaverse, each user can interact with other avatars, but also videos, objects, live events, applications, in order to use this powerful tool for entertainment or marketing purposes. Indeed, on the professional side, companies can decide to use Metavers technology to maximize the sale of their products, build customer loyalty or promote their new brand, in originality and creativity.To stand out from the competition, some do not hesitate, for example, to use NFTs which represent virtual objects exchangeable between individuals, the value of which can quickly increase and ensure the company a diversification of his online income.

Companies with a global reputation have already chosen to develop their own Metaverse, which offer users the possibility of connecting to several virtual spaces, while sharing their data or by creating online web content. In the world of video games, the Metaverse increases the interactive and captivating side for players. In short, the Metaverse is an opportunity for a modern and innovative parallel network, opening the doors of the virtual in a way infinite, both in the personal and professional domains.Thus, each company can include itself in an innovative and decisive approach to retain its customers in a sustainable way.It is a digital revolution that comes to impact traditional interactions, by designing a virtual world where everything becomes possible.
Web3 has no more secrets for us
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NFT marketplace specialized in cinematographic art
laptop image project expopolis
Secure and immutable data storage on the blockchain
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3D game with NFT trading cards
laptop image project warriorverse
Cross-platform play in a metaverse with NFTs
laptop image project kapp
Matching platform using the blockchain for financing certificates
of the Metaverse environment
Virtual reality provides an interactive world in constant evolution. Companies can use this virtual platform to highlight products and services with an innovative concept, but also to promote their expertise and convince new users In addition to being a marketing tool, the Metaverse offers a new technique that allows developers and creators of web content to stand out through avant-garde projects that promote virtual reality, or even augmented reality.

In addition, the Metaverse brings together a unique panel of experiences rich in sensations, by immersing each user in the heart of a new world in which the possibilities are infinite. It is a concrete way to everyone to emancipate themselves in a new universe, far from routine daily life, thanks to innovative augmented and virtual reality projects.

They talked about us
How long do you take to launch a project?
Once we have all the necessary elements to launch the project, we start within seven days. While the developers are setting up the project, we organize a series of three kickoffs in parallel to get the project off the ground
If my site has a problem, how quickly can you provide support?
As part of a maintenance package for your site, we contractually undertake, in the event of a bug, to respond to you within 24 hours and to initiate corrective action within 48 hours in order to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. Responsiveness is part of our mission
Can you help us write a specification?
Absolutely, we can organize workshop sessions to assist you in drafting specifications. We will talk about: project mindset, functionalities, workflow, and UX/UI.
How will we work together to monitor the project?
We organize the follow-up of your project in three main stages: before project, during project, and after project. At each major stage, we have a precise kickoff calendar and follow-up appointments that we will set up together so you can experience the progress of your project at the same time as us. Another point that is important: you join us in a Slack channel dedicated to your project to communicate constantly
How do you work for regular needs? Do you have packages?
We offer “maintenance packages”, different packages granting you a number of hours of development to consume over the month. From 5h to 50h, we study your needs and adapt the package accordingly. You can ask us for technical interventions throughout the month. These are deducted from your plan, which is automatically refilled at the beginning of the following month.
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